Here you will find scholarly and other professional works of faculty in Accounting and Management Information Systems.


Submissions from 2011

Facilitating new knowledge creation and obtaining KM maturity, Priscilla Arling and Mark Chun

Improving the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice and Information Systems in Healthcare: A Social Network Approach, Priscilla Arling, Bradley N. Doebbeling, and Rebekah L. Fox

Leveraging Social Network Analysis to Improve the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices and Systems in Healthcare , Priscilla Arling, Bradley N. Doebbeling, and Rebekah L. Fox


Vodcast Impact on Students' Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions, Bela Florenthal, Priscilla Arling, Deborah Skinner, and Kathryn King

Assessing Accountability in U.S. Public Education, Anne Kelly and J. Burdeane Orris


Course-Integrated information literacy instruction in introduction to accounting, Anne Kelly, Teresa Williams, Brad Matthies, and J. B. Orris

Submissions from 2010

Utilizing Social Networking Technologies To Facilitate A Knowledge Management and A Generative Learning Environment, Priscilla Arling, Mark Chun, and B. McQuaid

A Systems Analysis Experiential Case Study: Repeatable Real World Problem Solving, Priscilla Arling, C. Deeter, and H. Eggers

Toward More Effective Implementation of Evidence-based Practice: Relational and Contextual Considerations, Priscilla Arling, Rebekah L. Fox, and Bradley N. Doebbeling


The Impact of Team Member Familiarity on Communication Media Use and Subsequent Project Performance, Priscilla Arling and Hongjiang Xu


Improving financial information literacy in introduction to financial accounting, Anne Kelly, Teresa Williams, Brad S. Matthies, and J. Burdeane Orris

The Interaction of Communication Medium and Management Control Systems in the Processes and Outcomes of Transfer Price Negotiations, Sakthi Mahenthiran

Documents from 2009

A Network Implementation Class Exercise: BusinessQuest Business Incubator, LLC, Priscilla Arling

Applying Systems Thinking to Knowledge Management Systems: The Case of Pratt-Whitney Rocketdyne, Mark Chun, Kiho Sohn, Priscilla Arling, and Nelson Granados


Critical accounting policy and estimate disclosures: Company response to the evolving SEC guidance, Susan B. Hughes, James F. Sander, and Jillian K. Snyder

The Impact of a Computer Proficiency Exam on Business Students' Admission to and Performance in a Higher-Level IT Course, Patrick Rondeau and Li Xiaolin

The Impact of Cultural Environment on Entry-Level Auditors’ Abilities to Perform Analytical Procedures, James F. Sander, Susan B. Hughes, Scott D. Higgs, and Charles P. Cullinan

Submissions from 2008

Systems Theory and Knowledge Management Systems: The Case of Pratt-Whitney Rocketdyne , Priscilla Arling

The Effect of Telework , Priscilla Arling

Transparency and Performance of Malaysian Companies., Mohd Che Haat, H. R. Raaman, and Sakthi Mahenthiran

Virtual World Affordances: Enhancing Brand Value, SoRa Park, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, David DeWester, Brenda Eschenbrenner, and Sunran Jeon

Virtual Transfer Price Negotiations:Unintended Interactions with Incentive Systems, Greenberg H. R., Greenberg S. P., and Sakthi Mahenthiran

A Structural Model of Data Warehousing Success, Hongjiang Xu and Mark I. Hwang

Submissions from 2007

Redefining and Measuring Virtual Work in Teams: An Application of Social Network Analysis , Priscilla Arling

The Influence of Insiders and Institutional Owners on the Value, Transparency, and Earnings Quality of Chilean Listed Firms, Veronica Pizzaro, Sakthi Mahenthiran, David Cademartori, and Roberto Curci

A U.S. Manager's Guide to Differences Between IFRS and U.S. GAAP, James F. Sander and Susan B. Hughes

It's Just a Game, Or Is It? Real Money, Real Income, and Real Taxes in Virtual Worlds, William D. Terando, Brian E. Mennecke, Diane J. Janvin, and William M. Dilla

The Impact of the Repeal of the Stock-for-Debt Exception on Corporate Bankruptcy Restructurings, William D. Terando and Wayne H. Shaw

Valuation and Classification of Company Issued Cash and Share-Puts, William D. Terando, Wayne Shaw, and David Smith

Effectiveness of Online Learning Program: A Case Study of A Higher Education Institution, Hongjiang Xu and Omamerhi Ebojoh

The Effect of Implementation Factors on Data Warehousing Success: An Exploratory Study, Hongjiang Xu and Mark I. Hwang

Submissions from 2006


Leveraging Social Networks and Team Configuration to Enhance Knowledge Access in Distributed Teams, Priscilla Arling and Mani Subramani

The Importance of Data Quality for SAP Implementation in Medium-sized Organizations, Hongjiang Xu

Consumers’ attitudes of e-commerce in China, Hongjiang Xu, Xiaowen Zou, and Hengshan Wang

Submissions from 2005

The Role of Technology, Communication and Social Capital in Distributed Teams, Priscilla Arling

Virtual Work, Priscilla Arling

The Role of Technology, Communication and Social Capital in Distributed Teams, Priscilla A. Arling

Being There Versus Being Wired: The Effect of Colocation on Social Capital in Distributed Teams, Priscilla Arling and Mani Subramani

Being There Versus Being Wired: The Effect of Colocation on Social Capital in Distributed Teams, Priscilla Arling and Mani Subramani

How Groups Produce Higher-Quality Balanced Scorecards than Individuals, S. B. Hughes, Craig B. Caldwell, Kathy A. Paulson Gjerde, and Pam Rouse


Adjusting the Inventory Account when Companies Use LIFO: Explanation and Application to Distribution and Chemical Industries, James F. Sander and Susan Hughes


A Survey of AACSB Accredited Institutions and the Use of Work Experiences as part of the Business Curricula, Karel A. Updyke and james F. sander

Information Security in the Caribbean Banks, Hongjiang Xu and Pierre Bowrin

A Survey of Data Warehousing Success Issues, Hongjiang Xu and Mark I. Hwang

Documents from 2004

The Impact of Telework on Performance: A Social Network Approach, Priscilla Arling

The Impact of Telework on Performance: A Social Network Approach, Priscilla Arling

Documents from 2003

The information systems environment of time-based competitors, Patrick Rondeau, T. S. Ragu-Nathan, and M. A. Vonderembse

Submissions from 2002

Factors Influencing Use of Internet-Based Learning Tools in the First-Year Accounting Course, Sakthi Mahenthiran

Submissions from 2001

The effects of incentives and audits on transfer price negotiations in a deflationary context, Sakthi Mahenthiran

The evolution of manufacturing planning and control systems: From reorder point to enterprise resource planning., Patrick Rondeau and L. A. Litteral

Submissions from 2000

The Impact of Group Selection on Student Performance and Satisfaction, Sakthi Mahenthiran and Pamela J. Rouse

Documents from 1999

The Role of Organizational Reality in Implementing Technology, Sakthi Mahenthiran, M. D’Itri, and R. Donn

The Effect of Teaching Methods on Examination Performance and Attitudes in an Introductory Financial Accounting Course, Joseph Marcheggiani, Karel A. Updyke, and James F. Sander

Documents from 1998

Assessing Higher-Level Thinking Skills, Federation Schools of Accountancy Accounting Pedagogical Resource Series, C. Johnson, C. Baril, Sakthi Mahenthiran, M. Sarhan, and G. Weinstein

Business Process Change and the Role of the Management Accountant, Sakthi Mahenthiran and Russ Kershaw

Implementing Activity-based Costing and its Implications for a Service Firm in the Tme Share Exchange Industry, Sakthi Mahenthiran and Bruce D. Marshall

Documents from 1994

Formalized Planning in Small Business: Increasing Strategic Choices, L. S. Baird, M. A. Lyles, and J. Burdeane Orris

Managing Costs through Structural Re-arrangement of Hospitals: An Activity Based Management Perspective, W. Lee and Sakthi Mahenthiran

The Impact of Control Policies on the Process and Outcomes of Negotiated Transfer Pricing, Sakthi Mahenthiran

A framework for assessing product innovation strategies in a competitive context, Patrick Rondeau and B. J. Bhatt

Submissions from 1993

The impact of computer-mediated communication on the processes and outcomes of negotiated transfer pricing, Sakthi Mahenthiran

Documents from 1992

Impediments to Timely Delivery of New Products at an Industrial Products Firm, Barry E. King and Richard J. Penlesky


Accountants’ Liability to Third Parties for Negligent Misrepresentation: The Search for a New Limiting Principle, J. H. Leibman and Anne Kelly

Submissions from 1991

An Empirical Analysis of Cash Flow, Working Capital, and the Stability of Financial Ratio Groups in the Hospital Industry, David K.W. Chun, Terrell W. Zollinger, Anne S. Kelly, and Robert M. Sawyer Jr.

Documents from 1989

Collaborative Approaches to the Sociopolitical Environment: The Emergence of Issues Management Alliances, Douglas R. Austrom and Lawrence J. Lad