Here you will find scholarly and other professional works of faculty specializing in Journalism.


Documents from 2012

Facing the Fear: A Free Market Approach for Economic Expression, Nancy Whitmore

Documents from 2010

Hybridity, Identity and Global Music: A review of Cultural Globalization: A User’s Guide, Margaretha Geertsema

Submissions from 2009


Women and News: Making Connections Between the Global and the Local, Margaretha Geertsema


Inverting the Inverted Pyramid: A Conversation about the Use of Feminist Theories to Teach Journalism, Danna L. Walker, Margaretha Geertsema, and Barbara Barnett

Submissions from 2008


Conceptualizing Strategies for Research and Activism: A Media Sociology Approach, Margaretha Geertsema


Women Making News: Gender and Media in South Africa, Margaretha Geertsema


First Amendment Showdown: Intellectual Diversity Mandates and the Academic Marketplace, Nancy Whitmore

Documents from 2006

Gender and the Digital Economy: Perspectives from the Developing World, Margaretha Geertsema


Vicarious Liability and the Private University Student Press, Nancy Whitmore

Submissions from 2003


Nebraska Suppressed: How Gagging the News Media Intensified Pretrial Press Coverage of the Simants’ Murder Case, Nancy Whitmore