The department of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures prepares students to live and work in an increasingly complex society.

In courses, extracurricular activities and through a wide variety of study abroad opportunities, our students gain broader awareness of the world and their place within it.

Below you will find scholarly and other professional works of faculty in Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures.


Submissions from 2013


How Service-Learning in Spanish Speaks to the Crisis in the Humanities, Terri Carney

Documents from 2012

King Alfonso XI in Lope’s Amor, pleito y desafío: A Practical and Just Model of Kingship in a Time of Moral Ambiguity, Terri Carney

Luis Goytisolo's Teoría del Conocimiento As Postmodern Autobiography, Terri Carney


Defying Borders: Transforming Learning Through Collaborative Feminist Organizing and Interdisciplinary, Transnational Pedagogy, Terri Carney, Margaretha Geertsema Sligh, Ann M. Savage, and Ageeth Sluis


The Story Not Told: Sex and Marriage in Pardo Bazán's "Los cirineos" and "La argolla", Linda M. Willem

Submissions from 2011


From Here to InFinnerty: Tony Soprano and the American Way, Terri Carney

Still Hungover: Todd Phillips and Rape Culture, Terri Carney

Las Dos Lunas de Miel "Goticas" de Fortunata y Jacinta, Linda M. Willem

Documents from 2010

"Del infierno al cuerpo: La otredad en la narrativa y en el cine español contemporáneo," Katarzyna Olga Beoñom, Terri Carney

Book Review: "Hocus bogus," Gary, Romain., Sylvie Vanbaelen

Book Review: "Ousmane Sembène: the making of a militant artist," Gadjigo, Samba., Sylvie Vanbaelen

Documents from 2009

Les Chants de maldoror: plaisir de la négation, négation du plaisir, Eloise Sureau-Hale

La Africana y Galdós: De La Nación a Fortunata Y Jacinta, Linda M. Willem

Documents from 2008

Isidore Ducasse précurseur d'Odilon Redon. L'hypotypose en noir et blanc., Eloise Sureau-Hale

Spectres, monstres et fantômes. Les Chants Maldoror" et le spectacle de la fantasmagorie, Eloise Sureau-Hale

L'Orlanda de Jacqueline Harpman: Virginia Woolf rencontre Carl Gustav Jung, Sylvie Vanbaelen

From the Streets to the Screen: The Music of Madrid in Saura's Deprisa, deprisa, Linda M. Willem

Documents from 2007

Moi et 'Autre: identití et diversité dans un cours sur le film francophone, Sylvie Vanbaelen

Documents from 2006

Un Voyage de L'oeil à L'autre ou Maldoror Traverse Le Miroir. Quelques Remarques Sur L'Identité et le Flou Dans les Chants de Maldoror, Eloise Sureau-Hale

The Music of Borgesian Destiny in Saura's "El Sur", Linda M. Willem

Documents from 2005

Stratégies pour l'enseignement du cinéma africain, Sylvie Vanbaelen

Documents from 2004

Reaching Beyond Borders Through Service Learning, Terri Carney

Writing Dirty: Paradoxical Embodiments of Nazism in Bataille's "Le Bleu du Ciel", Sylvie Vanbaelen

Submissions from 2003


Good Intentions Aren't Enough: Intellectuals and Violence in Luis Goytisolo's Mzungo, Terri Carney

Documents from 2002

Sex, the Body, and Human Subjectivity in Luis Gotyisolo's Erotic Novel "Escalera Hacia el Cielo", Terri Carney

"Un merl n'est pas un merlse..." Langage et liberté dans "Il pleut dans ma maison" de Paul Willems, Sylvie Vanbaelen

Rewriting Rendell: Pedro Almodóvar's "Carne trémula", Linda M. Willem

Documents from 2001

Luis Goytisolo Beyond "Antagonía": His Search for Agency in Democratic Spain, Terri Carney

Latent Narratives: Sideshadowing in "Fortunata y Jacinta", Linda M. Willem

Documents from 2000

Places in the Mind: Evocative Walks Through Galdós' Madrid, Linda M. Willem

Documents from 1999

Place a la litterature dans le cours de conversation!, Corinne Etienne and Sylvie Vanbaelen


Encircling Linearity in Carlos Saura's Peppermint Frappé, Linda M. Willem

Documents from 1998

Almodóvar on the Verge of Cocteau's "La Voix humaine", Linda M. Willem

Submissions from 1997


Highlighting the Hidden: Visual Representation in Gutiérrez Aragón's Demonios en el jardín, Linda M. Willem

Documents from 1996

Emilia Pardo Bazan, "Cronicas en La Nacion de Buenos Aires", Linda M. Willem

Jacinta's "Vista Al Cuarto Estado": The Galley Version, Linda M. Willem

Metafictional "mise en abyme" in Saura's "Carmen", Linda M. Willem

Documents from 1995

Lou Carnon-Deutsch, "Narratives of Desire: Nineteenth Century Spanish Fiction by Women", Linda M. Willem

Documents from 1992

Moreno-Isla's Unpublished Scene from the "Fortunata y Jacinta" Galleys, Linda M. Willem

Documents from 1991

The Narrative Premise of Galdos's Lo Prohibido, Linda M. Willem

Documents from 1987

The Narrative Premise of the Dual Ending to Galdós's La Fontana de Oro, Linda M. Willem