Here you will find scholarly and other professional works of faculty in Marketing and Management.


Documents from 2011

The Effect of Virtuality on Individual Network Centrality and Performance in On-going, Distributed Teams, Priscilla Arling and Mani Subramani

Boundary work: An interpretive ethnographic perspective on negotiating and leveraging cross-cultural identity, Noriko Yagi and Jill Kleinberg

Documents from 2010

The Impact of Interorganizational Imitation on New Venture International Entry and Performance, Stephanie A. Fernhaber and Dan Li

Documents from 2009

Eating with a Purpose:Consumer Response to Functional Food Health Claims in Conflicting Versus Complementary Information Environments, Courtney M. Droms, Rebecca Walker Naylor, and Kelly L. Haws

Venture Capitalists as Catalysts to New Venture Internationalization: The Impact of Their Knowledge and Reputation Resources, Stephanie A. Fernhaber and Patricia P. McDougall-Covin

The Impact of Early Imprinting on Evolution of New Venture Networks, Stephanie A. Fernhaber and Hana Milanov

Biz Prof Says Retailers Prepare for Post Recession Environment, Kathryn W. King

Gender Differences in Communication:Implications for Salespeople, Daniel H. McQuiston and Kathryn A. Morris

Beginnings of a Fulfilling Career, Gregory E. Osland

High- versus Low-Context National Cultures: Preferences for Type of Retailer and for Human Interaction, Gregory E. Osland and Bela Florenthal

The Bad News and the Good News: The Long-term Consequences of Having Used an Alternative Work Schedule, Margaret Padgett, Lynn Harland, and Steve B. Moser

Documents from 2008

International Entrepreneuship and Geographic Location: An Empirical Examination of New Venture Internationalization, Stephanie A. Fernhaber, Brett Anitra Gilbert, and Paticia P. McDougall

Can Leaders Step Outside of the Gender Box? An Examination of Leadership and Gender Role Stereotypes, Margaret Y. Padgett, Craig B. Caldwell, and Andrew Embry


Building momentum for business school curriculum change: Measurable lessons from a pilot course in real business experience, Mark Uchida, Craig B. Caldwell, Friel Terry, and Lawrence J. Lad

Documents from 2007

The Antecedents and Consequences of Generalized Internet Trust: Developing a Conceptual Framework and Measurement Scale, D. Aiken, Robert Mackoy, B. Liu, and Richard Fetter

Exploring the Role of Industry Structure in New Venture Internationalization, Stephanie A. Fernhaber, Patricia P. McDougall, and Benjamin M. Oviart

Ecotourism in Latin America: Four Types of Birding Tours, Gregory E. Osland

Documents from 2005

How Groups Produce Higher-Quality Balanced Scorecards than Individuals, S. B. Hughes, Craig B. Caldwell, Kathy A. Paulson Gjerde, and Pam Rouse

The Relationship between Pre-Employment Expectations, Experiences, and the Length of Stay in Public Accounting, Margaret Y. Padgett, Kathy Paulson Gjerde, Susan B. Hughes, and Carolyn J. Born

Documents from 2000

Reward contingency, unemployment, and functional turnover, Chuck R. Williams

Documents from 1998

Where all the Children are Above Average: A Meta analysis of the Performance Appraisal Purpose Affect, J. Jawahar and Chuck R. Williams

Confounds in the Measurement of Predictive Expectations, Richard A. Spreng, Robert Mackoy, and Cornelia Dröge

Effects of Library Instruction on University Students’ Satisfaction with the Library: A Longitudinal Study, Anthony Stamatoplos and Robert Mackoy

Correcting turnover correlations: A critique. Organizational Research Methods, Chuck R. Williams and L. H. Peters

Documents from 1991

The Effect of Perceived Personal Consequences on Participation and Influence in Organizational Buying, Daniel H. McQuiston and Peter R. Dickson

Documents from 1989

Collaborative Approaches to the Sociopolitical Environment: The Emergence of Issues Management Alliances, Douglas R. Austrom and Lawrence J. Lad

Novelty, Complexity, and Importance as Causal Determinants of Industrial Buyer Behavior, Daniel H. McQuiston

An Empirical Investigation of the Evaluative Criteria of Industrial Buyers, Daniel H. McQuiston and Rockney G. Walters

An Examination of the Evaluative Criteria of Industrial Buyers: Implications for Sales Training,, Daniel H. McQuiston and Rockney G. Walters