The Department of Political Science is committed to teaching students how to effect positive social change. They offer courses that include service-learning and community-based research and that encourage students to accept responsibility for their learning and to recognize that knowledge may be obtained from a variety of different people and situations.

Below you will find scholarly and other professional works of faculty in Political Science.


Documents from 2012

The U.S. No Longer Makes the Grade: Economic Inequality Put an End to the 'American Century', David S. Mason

Submissions from 2009


Entering a Systemic Revolution, David S. Mason

This is not the time to cut taxes, David S. Mason


The Transnational Protection Regime and Taiwan's Democratization, Su-Mei Ooi

Documents from 1998

Political Research in Martial Law Poland, David S. Mason

Documents from 1997

Public Opinion and the 1996 Elections in Russia: Nostalgic and Statist, Yet Pro-Market and Pro-Yeltsin, David S. Mason

Increasingly Fond Memories of a Grim Past, David S. Mason, Antal Orkeny, and Svetlana Sidorenko-Stephenson

Documents from 1995

Attitudes toward the Market and Political Participation in the Postcommunist States, David S. Mason

Documents from 1992

Public opinion in Poland's transition to market economy, David S. Mason

Documents from 1991

Perestroika in Central Europe, David S. Mason

The Polish Parliament and Labor Legislation During Solidarity, David S. Mason

Apathy and the Birth of Democracy: The Polish Struggle, David S. Mason, Daniel Nelson, and Bohdan Szklarski

Documents from 1990

Perestroyka, Social Justice and Soviet Public Opinion, David S. Mason and Svetlana Sydorenko

Documents from 1989

Solidarity Enters the Fray, David S. Mason

Public Opinion Reform in China, David S. Mason and Ken Colburn

Documents from 1988

Political Apathy in Poland, David S. Mason and Daniel Nelson

Documents from 1987

Poland's new trade unions, David S. Mason

Documents from 1985

Stalemate and Apathy in Poland, David S. Mason

Documents from 1984

The Polish Party in Crisis, David S. Mason

Documents from 1983

Solidarity, the Regime and the Public, David S. Mason

Documents from 1982

Membership of the Polish United Workers Party, David S. Mason

Romanian Autonomy and Arms Control Policies, David S. Mason

The Day Indianapolis Died, David S. Mason and Gary Kyxer-Sheeley