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Winesburg, Indiana: Cleaning Lady to the Stars


Valerie Sayers


Call me Isobelle -- at least, that's what my card says. I'd like it better if you call me the cleaning lady to the stars, a.k.a. the professors at St. Meinhof's. They move in here trailing a van full of kitchen gear they don't know how to use, wearing their attitudes like tiaras. One of them got the card made up for me cos she thought it was cute. I thought it was embarrassing, but she was right about one thing: you got to have a business card if you want to scrub professors' toilets. They check references, too.

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Note: "This story is exclusively available in the anthology, Winesburg, Indiana, published by Breakaway Books, an imprint of Indiana University Press, in the spring of 2015. Available wherever fine books are sold, borrowed, or used as dowry."