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Mike Meginnis


Excerpt from a novel manuscript.

Chapter One

A woman drove onto the tracks and stopped there. She put the car in park. She switched off all its lights. Her only passenger, a broad-shouldered and almost totally waistless man in black spandex and bright red cape, was not apparently perturbed by her decision to end it all with him there beside her, though she had not previously declared her intent to die, and though the train would likely hit him first, given the usual eastward direction of the many cars of produce, name-brand breakfast cereals, disposable cellular phones, diapers and dairy products that came through town at roughly 10 PM on Tuesdays. The man in the cape turned to look at her. This movement produced a small puff of air that kissed her passenger-side cheek. He blinked two times, which caused two more little puffs. He asked her was she aware she would die here. The woman said she knew. The man in the cape had beautiful blue eyes, though they were very cold.