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Sewing Kit


Kit said to herself, I will not seek him out. But if he finds me, or if I run into him, it can’t be helped. Then one day, as she was reading a magazine and waiting for the bus, he sat beside her on the bench. For a moment she didn’t see him. The morning’s coffee had not kicked in. She was reading the same sentence about the benefits of stevia over and over. Then his scent like Ivory soap and cloves or the low sound of his breathing made her look up to see him smiling at her. His lips curved until it seemed they might split, but they didn’t open. She breathed him. She was glad she was wearing her taupe jacket and neutral knee-length skirt. Drab, asexual work clothes should have been a keen defense. But then he was staring at her little ankles, his green eyes running over her tights. The tights were soft pink. Her heels were a bit higher than necessary.

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"Sewing Kit" was originally published at Booth.