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Matthew Baker


It’s not like the ice rink downtown is a private establishment for members only with plastic membership cards that get scanned at the door, it’s a public rink that anyone can go to who owns a pair of skates, or even anyone who doesn’t, because if you want you can rent them at a window inside, and anyway you don’t even have to skate, it’s totally normal just to come and order one of the concession stand’s city-renowned pretzels and sit at one of the tables along the edge of the rink and just watch everyone, or play videogames at the arcade next to the bathrooms by yourself having a good time, and if my boyfriend was going to take out some bimbo with a fur jacket and her own ice skates instead of yours truly on a super romantic date where they’re wearing mittens and holding hands and are more snuggling than even skating out on the ice, he could at least have had the decency to take her to a private rink, am I right?

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"Tête-à-tête" was originally published at Booth.