Ella Davis


The United States incarceration rate is the highest in the world. Incarcerated individuals are guaranteed a right to healthcare but, it falls short in many correctional facilities, as systemic barriers and inadequate funding often result in substandard care and poor health outcomes. There are multiple challenges that come with providing healthcare in prisons such as limited resources, lack of funding, and staff shortages. Prisoners at every level of the correctional system are known to be less healthy than the general population, and despite multiple efforts to improve healthcare, many prisoners still receive inadequate healthcare. Improving prison healthcare and increasing funding is crucial for promoting public health, reducing medical costs, and ensuring the fair treatment of incarcerated individuals. This improvement is critical for breaking the vicious cycle of illness and poverty that is prevalent in these institutions.

01_DavisE_Healthcare-Behind-Bars-Infographic.pdf (278 kB)
A Look Into Healthcare Behind Bars Infographic