Lauren Ulsas


There are five locations in the world that have the highest rates of centenarians in the world. A centenarian is an individual who lives until the age of 100. These places have been entitled “the blue zones”. While these blue zones are located all throughout the globe, there are certain commonalities among them. Some common practices of the individuals living in these locations include leading an active life, eating well, establishing strong bonds, and feeling a sense of purpose. In theory, these practices may sound easy, but there are several limitations and barriers that prevent those living outside of these zones from adopting this kind of lifestyle. Limitations can include access to healthy food, the ability to exercise regularly, and finding a close-knit sense of community. While these limitations would require further research, there are ways that individuals can incorporate some of the blue zone practices in a way that is best suited to one’s lifestyle.

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Are YOU Blue: The Key to Living to 100 Infographic