Allyson Ditmars


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The gut microbiome is the wide array of good and bad bacteria found in the digestive tract of all humans. Although the composition of gut microbiota is developed before someone is even born, there are nutritional decisions made in adulthood that can impact the health of the gut. Certain nutritional foods can increase the diversity of the gut and create a beneficial environment. On the other hand, many foods found in the common American diet can negatively impact the microbiome. The gut can suffer from a poor diet when the permeability of the intestinal barrier and the diversity richness is damaged. Building this relationship can systemically be advantageous or harmful for the whole body, which is reflected by medical conditions that have been associated with an unhealthy gut. To minimize health risks, it is important to incorporate nutritious foods into one’s diet, while limiting specific ingredients that are unfavorable to the gut microbiome.