Anna Sharshon


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When college students transition from life at home to life at school, they may be faced with a variety of stressors such as navigating a more rigorous academic environment or an overload of new commitments and responsibilities. Struggling with the change in environment is one of the major problems faced among college students and often leads to more stress and anxiety, lack of sleep hygiene, and poor eating habits. Fortunately, mindful meditation has been proven to help with these issues. Mindful meditation is the practice of focusing or clearing the mind by using certain mental and physical techniques. It has a role in helping students transition into college and improve their learning which in turn, decreases stress and anxiety. Meditation also promotes relaxation and prepares the body for sleep, allowing a more restful night with fewer sleep disturbances. Lastly, meditation can promote healthy eating and physical activity. Implementing meditation into a college student’s daily life is a quick and easy way to improve overall health and well-being.