Building an intelligent government, intelligent city, and intelligent citizenry through ICTs: Smart city innovations in New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Smarter as the New Urban Agenda

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This chapter presents a case study of the smart city initiatives in New Taipei City (NTPC) in Taiwan. Using the integrative framework proposed by Chourabi et al. (Understanding smart cities: An integrative framework. In 2012 45th Hawaii International Conference (HICSS) on System Science (pp. 2289–2297). IEEE. 2012) as an analytical lens, the authors discuss the characteristics and scope of NTPC’s innovations in delivering services and managing resources using ICTs, as well as the policies, human, social, and cultural contexts that shape the adoption and development of these smart technologies. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis was conducted in response to the research question, contributing to the identification of lessons learned, from this particular case, which may have broader relevance for other smart city initiatives.


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