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International Communcation Bulletin

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The Cable News Network is often used as the prime example of a global news service. With bureaus and correspondents all around the world, CNN crosses traditional national boundaries. However, in essence, CNN remains an American company through its ownership and its Atlanta location. It also follows a news style that is typically Wester. Yet, CNN has had much success with both its international broadcasting services and its online service, offered by CNN interactive.

The aim of thhis paper is to take a closer look at CNN's presence on the Internet. This project is theoretically informed by discourses of globalization, cultural imperialism, regionalization and asymmetrical interdependence. In addition, the issue of the global digital divide and the potential of new media technologies is discussed. A main question is whether CNN contributes to homogenized news or to a greater diversity of ideas. The question deals with how CNN Interactive is regionalizing hte content of its stories on various regional Web sites offered through Does CNN circulate the same stories to all regions, or does it succeed in targeting audiences across the world?


This article was originally published in International Communcation Bulletin,2007, Volume 42, Issue 3-4.