The Effect of Perceived Security on Consumers’ Intent to Use, Satisfaction and Loyalty to M-commerce in China

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Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations

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M-commerce as a special form of e-commerce has grown rapidly both in developed and developing countries. New advancements in its underlying technology have increased the functionality of m-commerce. However, they also present potential security risks. Security issues have been a top concern for m-commerce management. In spite of the benefits m-commerce could bring, new security and privacy risks, in particular to the wireless medium and devices, abound in m-commerce applications. With the largest mobile market, China has seen the most rapid growth in the development of mobile communications in the world. This study investigates the relationship between consumers’ perceived m-commerce security and their behavior regarding intent to use, satisfaction and loyalty to m-commerce in China. A research framework was developed and tested together with research hypotheses through a cross-sectional large scaled survey. The results showed that the consumers’ perceived m-commerce security has a statistically significant effect on consumers’ intent to use, satisfaction and loyalty to m-commerce in China.


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