A Question of Culture: The Impact of College Major on Preferences for Different Types of Company Culture

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Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications & Conflict

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What to do with one’s future and career is a question with which every college-aged student struggles. It is not simply a matter of finding a “job” that pays the bills, but rather a “career” that they will be happy with for the length of their professional life. Furthermore, this happiness in their careers consists of many attributes from appropriate pay to satisfaction with their job tasks to the culture of the company for which they choose to work. This last attribute is possibly the hardest for young adults to define and measure. The purpose of this study is to understand college-age job applicant’s views on what type of company culture they would like to work in upon graduation. This research examines how the student’s majors and personalities affect their pursuit of a career with a company that has a certain culture.


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