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This paper intends to question and evaluate the impact of using utilitarian ethics in decision-making processes of the nowadays´ leaders, especially those who decide the future of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Brazil. For this paper it was did an investigative study through literature review and reflections of some researches, the text was divided into four main parts, the used approaches to the critical insights of ethics, its assumptions and applicability of utilitarian ethics, utilitarianism and its application in management of HEIs. Therefore, it was concluded that especially in these current times of globalization and and continual changes, it would not be possible for a good leader, and he was concerned about the intrinsic values of humanity, but on the other hand, they can´t refrain from taking decisions and simply ignore what they could cause to society in general, this manager, in turn, is inserted in a context that is imbued with, really and effectively, to make a positive difference in your place of work, not just relying on one type ethics, but rather it should be used ethics as a foundation of belief, where ethical principles are utilitarian focus, targeting the most benefit to as many people as possible.


Originally published by Inderscience Publisher under a Creative Commons 3.0 in Revista Idea, 2009, Volume #1, Issue # 1. Original published article can be found at: Revista Idea.

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