Using portfolio for establishing routines, assessment, and data collection in a TPSR-based youth development program

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May 2018

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Journal for Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance

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This article describes how one strength and conditioning youth development program implements the teaching personal and social responsibility (TPSR) framework with a portfolio-based system. Some scholars have noted that using portfolios helps connect assessment to instruction by promoting individualized learning for students. The purpose of this article is to share how one program is implementing TPSR by using graphic organizers that make up the portfolio system. First, the important components of TPSR, and how they guide the creation of portfolios, are described. Second, each section of a daily program format, and how a graphic organizer called the workout card guides student work in each section, is described. The workout card helps coaches capture physical activity planning, self-reflection, self-assessment, and written coach feedback. Third, a graphic organizer referred to as the zoom out is explained. This tool collects and organizes student work and coach feedback completed over an extended period of time. Finally, some lessons learned from years of developing the program and portfolio-based system are shared.