Cellular Localization of PRL-1 and PRL-2 Gene Expression in Normal Adult Human Tissues

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Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry

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Recent evidence suggests that the PRL-1 and −2 phosphatases may be multifunctional enzymes with diverse roles in a variety of tissue and cell types. Northern blotting has previously shown widespread expression of both transcripts; however, little is known about the cell type-specific expression of either gene, especially in human tissues. Therefore, we investigated expression patterns for PRL-1 and −2 genes in multiple normal, adult human tissues using in situ hybridization. Although both transcripts were ubiquitously expressed, they exhibited strikingly different patterns of expression. PRL-2 was expressed heavily in almost every tissue and cell type examined, whereas PRL-1 expression levels varied considerably both between tissue types and between individuals. Widespread expression of PRL-1 and −2 in multiple organ systems suggests an important functional role for these enzymes in normal tissue homeostasis. In addition, the variable patterns of expression for these genes may provide distinct activities in each tissue or cell type.


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