Due to ongoing disruptions related to Covid-19, and because of the need for presenters and organizers of such conferences to be able to plan well in advance, we have decided to postpone CSRI’s 2020 meeting until further notice. We will certainly be in touch as plans for future CSRI meetings develop, but none will happen this year. Wishing health and safety to all in these troubling days,

The CSRI Executive Committee


Through roughly biannual conferences, the Conference on the Study of Religions of India (CSRI) provides a forum for scholars engaged in the academic study of religions of India to present their fresh and original research to colleagues. A distinctive feature of this conference is that it offers a leisurely, collegial, and informal setting to pursue critical inquiry into the rich and diverse religious traditions of India, both in their native and diasporic contexts. The Conference is an independent scholarly organization, and conferences are organized with the voluntary labor of scholars and funded through conference fees.

The conference is not an advocacy forum for or against any of the religions of India, and does not endorse or proscribe a particular point of view. Only scholars with terminal degrees in religious studies or related academic disciplines (like Anthropology, Art, Ethnomusicology, Folklore, History, Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Theology, Women Studies) researching and/or teaching in the area of religions of India are eligible to present, attend, and participate in the conference. Graduate students in advanced standing in any of these disciplines are also welcome to participate in the conferences.