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Director: Tim Carter

About CUE

The Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) is an academic center at Butler University dedicated to the science of urban ecology.

Faculty and staff from the Department of Biological Sciences founded the CUE in 2004. On campus, the CUE is located in Gallahue Hall, Room 068. Our location within Indianapolis enables us to focus our efforts on the needs and challenges facing the city. While some of these issues may be unique to the local community, many are common to urban areas across the globe. It is our desire that the lessons learned here can be usefully applied elsewhere.


To innovatively explore, steward and enhance urban ecosystems.

CUE operates with a foundation in ecological science and facilitates interdisciplinary research and education, place-based projects, and public discourse by engaging Butler students, faculty, staff and community partners.


CUE's vision is to be a national leader in the study and practice of urban ecology.

In the liberal arts tradition, we view urban ecology as inherently interdisciplinary and aspire to create a culture within Butler and in the city of Indianapolis that recognizes the fundamental importance of ecological knowledge for a sustainable society.


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