Review of Renato Raffaelli, Alba Tontini (ed.), Lecturae Plautinae Sarsinares XII. Miles gloriosus: (Sarsina, 27 settembre 2008). Ludus philologiae. Urbino: Edizioni QuattroVenti, 2009. Pp. 160. ISBN 9788839208729. €20.00 (pb).

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January 2010

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Bryn Mawr Classical Review


With its twelfth volume, the Lecturae Plautinae Sarsinates, directed by R. Raffaelli and A. Tontino, have continued their substantial contribution to Plautine scholarship, focusing this volume on Plautus’ Miles Gloriosus. For those interested in Vorbilder, Nachleben, and historical linguistics, the first four essays will be of interest. For those interested in interpretation of the play itself, the final three essays will be of interest, particularly the contributions of Stockert and Rafaelli.