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Spring 2010

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Latino Studies

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The article focuses on immigrants’ interactions with the Indiana natives, with emphasis in the city of Indianapolis and its suburbs. More specifically, this study aims at providing an understanding of the experiences of Latin American immigrants with special attention to perceptions of prejudice and discrimination and to feelings of social exclusion. A substantial proportion of Latin American immigrants interviewed indicated that they considered Indiana natives to be prejudiced and that they had personally experienced discrimination. The study reveals specific examples of discrimination experienced by the immigrants at the work place, in housing, in stores, restaurants and by various service providers. The results of the study demonstrate the relevance of the normative and power resource theories to explain prejudice and discrimination.


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Menéndez Alarcón, A. V., & Novak, K. B. (2010). Latin American immigrants in Indianapolis: Perceptions of prejudice and discrimination. Latino Studies, 8(1), 93-120. doi: 10.1057/lst.2010.2

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