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Physical Review Letters



We present a numerical study of the Hubbard-Holstein model in one dimension at half filling, including finite-frequency quantum phonons. At half filling, the effects of the electron-phonon and electron-electron interactions compete with the Holstein phonon coupling acting as an effective negative Hubbard on-site interaction U that promotes on-site electron pairs and a Peierls charge-density wave state. Most previous work on this model has assumed that only Peierls or Mott phases are possible at half filling. However, there has been speculation that a third metallic phase exists between the Peierls and Mott phases. We confirm the intermediate phase, and show that the Luttinger liquid correlation exponent Kρ>1 in this region, indicating dominant superconducting pair correlations. We explore the full phase diagram as a function of Hubbard U, phonon coupling constant, and phonon frequency.


This article was archived with permission from APS Physics. Article also available from Physical Review Letters.