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G4G8 Exchange Book

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Our tour of multidimensional cubes begins with the marking of the eight comers of a 3-cube with the eight words HOT, POT, POD, HOD, HAD, HAT, PAT, and PAD. The figure below shows how these eight inherit the labels of the HOT-PAD).die where the letter H is opposite P, the letter O is opposite T and the letter T is opposite the letter D...


This is an electronic copy of a paper originally appearing in the G4G8 Exchange Book. Archived with permission. The author(s) reserves all rights.


Gathering for Gardner inspires fun and wonder for recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles, and art. The G4G Gift Exchange is an integral part of the Gathering 4 Gardner meetings. Each attendee is asked to participate in the G4G Gift Exchange.

The G4G Exchange Book is for those who wish to submit papers as their exchange gift and also for those who wish to include descriptions, instructions, solutions etc. related to their physical gifts.

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