Mengele and the Holocaust


Mengele and the Holocaust


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Those who were moved to Auschwitz and other concentration camps were stripped of their freedom and basic human rights. The inmates were used as slaves, given very limited to access to basic human necessities such as food and clothing, and were dehumanized and tortured. Those who escaped the immediate death of gas chambers and had hope for eventual liberation often didn't live long enough to be freed in 1945. The deprivation of nutrition and protection resulted in many deaths from causes such as hunger, dehydration, disease, exhaustion, abuse from guards, from Mengele's experiments and many other extreme experiences.

Our project documents the various travel patterns of those victimized in concentration camps by Josef Mengele during the Holocaust.

Publication Date

Fall 2017

Name of Professor

Antwain Hunter


ghs210, freedom, movement, holocaust victims, holocaust survivors


History | Human Geography


Mengele and the Holocaust