13th Amendment: Slavery to Imprisonment


13th Amendment: Slavery to Imprisonment


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Has slavery truly ended in the United States or does it still exist to this day? The main purpose of this project is to argue that the prison system of the United States is a form of modern day slavery. By looking at the Thirteenth Amendment of the United States’ Constitution and the concepts of freedom by popular freedom theorists, the ways in which the modern prison system treats the people it imprisons like slaves without rights will be explored. When a person is imprisoned, they are stripped of nearly all of there rights as a citizen. They are confined to a prison, only able to see a jail cell and a couple of rooms, and do not have the freedom of movement. Also looked at is the infamous South African prison system, whose inner workings will be compared with the United States, giving the "prisons as enslavement" argument a transatlantic angle.

Publication Date

Fall 2021

Name of Professor

Robin Turner


slavery, imprisonment, 13th Amendment, United States, South Africa, Ian Manuel, Angela Davis


History | Human Geography

13th Amendment: Slavery to Imprisonment