Abolition & Freedom in the British Caribbean


Abolition & Freedom in the British Caribbean


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Our website examines the history leading up to and surrounding the abolition of slavery in the British West Indies and the limitations on freedoms for emancipated Africans. The main question of our course is “What is freedom?” and we felt that this topic would be a good way to explore this question’s complexities. We hope that this website will help people to have a better understanding of what slavery was like before emancipation and how the concept of freedom was understood for enslaved Africans living in the British Caribbean at this time. This topic is important because it highlights the obstacles freed African people had to overcome to achieve freedom in the New World.

Publication Date

Spring 2018

Name of Professor

Ania Spyra


ghs210, freedom, movement, global perspectives


Digital Humanities | History

Abolition & Freedom in the British Caribbean