Housing Segregation in the Indianapolis Area


Housing Segregation in the Indianapolis Area


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Although segregation is no longer a legal practice, the United States, and specifically Indianapolis, IN, still suffers from the lasting effects of decades of institutionalized, racist practices. These practices can be seen through the study of housing segregation and the motives behind it, redlining conducted within the Indianapolis area, and the still-segregated neighborhoods of this area today. The limits these policies place on the freedom of movement of people of color are a shameful part of our history. By restricting where people of color can live, pursue education and employment, and move their families, the "land of the free" has shown incredible hypocrisy. Our project works to synthesize the information of the past and the present to show the lack of effective policies that have been implemented in attempts to integrate the community. Housing segregation in America is an incredibly stubborn pattern with a complex history requiring complex solutions, and Indianapolis. Segregation in schooling districts, public housing projects, transportation contracts, and persistent stereotypes are all manifestations of, and contributors to housing segregation. We don't claim to detail all of the roots and causes of housing segregation, or to have all the answers. Still, we'd like to present an honest and transparent look at just some of the factors of, consequences of, and potential solutions to the housing segregation in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Publication Date

Spring 2018

Name of Professor

Ania Spyra


ghs210, freedom, movement, global perspectives


Digital Humanities | History

Housing Segregation in the Indianapolis Area