Slavery, Freedom, and Education


Slavery, Freedom, and Education


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By analyzing historical documents, such as slave narratives and laws pertaining to the education of slaves, engaging with contemporary criticism, and positioning this topic within the conceptual framework of GHS 210-01: Freedom and Movement in the Transatlantic World —that is, considering the relationship between the education of enslaved individuals, freedom, and mobility in the antebellum United States—this project attempts to deconstruct and reorient conventional conceptions of the relationship between slavery, education and freedom. Although education is often viewed as a means of gaining increased freedom and mobility, this project argues that in the antebellum United States both the refusal to educate slaves and the selective education of slaves were used as additional apparatuses of oppression.

Publication Date

Spring 2018

Name of Professor

Ania Spyra


ghs210, freedom, movement, global perspectives


Digital Humanities | History

Slavery, Freedom, and Education