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The subject of this study has been chosen because of the interesting histories and doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Disciples of Christ. Interest in this subject was aroused, not only by the interesting material, but also due to the fact that they both came out of the same historical period and that there were some Disciple leaders that joined the Latter-day Saints.

These facts could be coincidence or they could have a definite reason behind them. This is the study of this paper: to discover, through comparison, the similarities and the parallels of the two groups and to discover why these similarities and parallels exist. This must be done by first giving a discussion of the two groups so that the reader might know adequately the histories and the beliefs of the groups. It is regretted that this presentation of the histories is so lengthy, but without a fairly complete presentation the reader would be lost when the comparison was being made, not knowing enough of the histories to follow the discussion. In this approach, after the facts are presented it will be quite simple to make the comparison.

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