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Francis Xavier is of historical importance in two respects: (1) he was one of the small band of men who, led by Ignatius of Loyola, founded the Society of Jesus, and (2) he was the first Christian missionary to Japan. In addition to these major points of importance, he life and work are in close relation to the historical events, both ecclesiastical and secular, of the first half of the sixteenth century. A more complete biographical study of Xavier must bring in the names and offices of numerous leaders of church and state in many countries. It must also, at least to some extent, sketh the outlines of the condition of religion, of international rivalries, and of colonial expansion in his time.

Our goal in the present study is a more modest one than such a biography. It concerns especially the mind of Francis Xavier in relation to his mission. Nevertheless, some attention to these broader aspects of the state of the world in Xavier's times have been found necessary as we have proceeded with our subject...