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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Thomas E. Willey

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Samuel W. Downing

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John V. Pihlak


The present study is an attempt to bring into focus one of the many bases of party power over Soviet citizens. It is no great revelation that the Soviet government has long indulged in anti-American propanda, but the continuity, elaboratness and virulence of ths "crusade of hatred" demands further study. It is essential that such study be undertaken parallel with an appraisal of Soviet-American relations since 1917.

In outlining the chronological development of anti-American libel campaign, some space will be devoted to methodology, technology and apparent purposes of the Soviet propagandists. Space limitations preclude an elaborate study of Soviet propaganda as a whole; however, the selected theme--graphic propaganda--includes within its scope many aspects of the whole and thus is representative of the broader subject.