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Winter 1-19-1995

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The economic viability of the three original U. S . television networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, is threatened by emerging competition, excessive regulation, and the proliferation of new broadcasting and telecommunications technologies. This is a significant problem because United States viewers have depended upon free, diverse, broadcast television programming for more than forty years. This programming has traditionally been provided to viewers at no charge, unlike costly pay-per-view, direct broadcast satellite systems, cable television, backyard or rooftop television satellite receiving dishes, video programming via the Regional Bell Operating Companies (video Dialtone), wide and local area computer networks, or the Internet. Each network's survival depends upon its strategies in the areas of new technologies and political action with regard to regulation. Moreover, the three original networks are healthier than they may appear because the financial takeovers that occurred in 1985-1986 provided each with financial strength and strong corporate leadership.