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There has been wide recognition for a number of years that psychological components played a part in the etiology and treatment of some cases of chronic urticaria. Divergent opinion has been expressed regarding the importance of these components and their specific indentification. Most contentions in this area are supported by meager experimental evidence and the formulations are too often based on the superficial observation of a large number of cases or on the intensive study of the individual case.

The hypothesis of this research is that siqnificant psvchological components exist in patients with chronic urticaria and that these components are amenable to precise delineation.

This study presents a combined statistical, psychometric and clinical approach to the field of psychosomatic disorders in general and to the problem of chronic urticaria particularly. Hypnotic and psychoanalytic procedures were utilized to supplement evidence procured by traditional objective instruments. The sample of twenty-two cases is large enouqh to minimize the criticism of the individual case.