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This thesis is to be primarily a character analysis. Naturally that will eliminate considerations that might be easily included. As far as possible a strenuous effort will be made to avoid detailed discussions about theological issues that inescapably belong to such a study as this. In a character analysis we must be concerned principally with individuality in persons. By that we mean to treat all those features and characteristions which distinguish the new man from the old. Those theological factors having to do primarily with the state of man in his relation to God will only be touched upon. It is impossible to locate such factors as justification, pardon. sanctification, adoption, and salvation in a character study. These are basic to the character of the new man it is true, but they constitute a relationship between himself and God and cannot possibly be discerned excepting as the results manifest themselves in qualities of character. The Apostle Paul uividly describes the characteristics of both the old man and the new. These can be arranged and classified under the primary functions that constitute personality.