Date of Award

Summer 7-20-1961

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Religion (MAR)



First Advisor

S. Marion Smith

Second Advisor

Frank Albert


I have long been interested in Paul's writings, his various doctrinal viewpoints, and the manner in which he dealt with problems as they developed during his ministry. Certainly, the Corinthian Churoh had its problems, and they were eerious problems. Not the least of these was the matter of a faotious spirit whioh seemed to prevail among the members and whioh was keeping the oongregation from full effectiveness in its witness and work for Jesus Christ. What were the background oonditions out of whioh this Corinthian Churoh oame forth? What types of people comprised this congregation? How and why did these various problems develop? What did Paul do to meet the need? What was his answer to the problems? What does all of this say to us today? These are but a few of the questions with which I am concerned and with whioh I shall deal in this study.

Included in

Religion Commons