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The years from 1810 to 1840 deal with one of the most decisive periods in Indiana's history, first as a territory and later as a state. Few periods have seen greater political and material development. During these years great problems, such as the organization of the state government, the disposition of the public lands by the Federal government, and the construction of internal improvements by the national and state governments, had to be solved by those who bore the responsibilities of public office. Great national political movements were in the making. These matured into powerful forces, shaping not only national policies but reaching down and influencing state political and economic alignments and policies.

Among the names of families who guided the political affairs of Indiana at the beginning of statehood, none is more prominent than that of Noble. Two Noble brothers, James and Noah, rose to the highest possible positions within the commonwealth. James served as one of the first two United States senators from Indiana, and he continued a member of that body fifteen years,- until his death in 1831. Noah, the younger brother, was elected the fifth Governor of the state in 1831. The third brother, Lazarus, held the Office of Receiver of Public Moneys in the Brookville Land Office. He died at an early age.