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Education Specialist (EdS)




Purpose of the study. Since the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is the psychological test that is most widely used in seminaries in the United States, it was the purpose of this study (1) to establish norms for Christian Theological Seminary that could be compared with general norms and with the norms of two other studies, those of United Presbyterian and Southern California School of Theology seminarians, to help answer the question of how clergymen differ from non-clergymen and whether special norms need to be taken into consideration in the interpretation of MMPI protocols with seminary students; and (2) to see whether there are variables measured by the MMPI which can differentiate between effective an ineffective ministers and/or predict ministerial effectiveness as measured by (a) academic success as shown by grade point average for two semesters of seminary work, (b) ratings by the faculty and (c) ratings by fellow students, both using the Ministerial Effectiveness Rating Scale.