Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Joseph Colavito

Second Advisor

Natalie Carter

Third Advisor

Brynnar Swenson


The focus of this thesis is to look at Geoff John's Justice League in the "New 52" universe. More specifically, the research concentrates on the relationship of the members of DC Comics "Trinity," Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The three heroes have a special relationship that spans over 75 years, and now, with the "New 52," there is an opportunity to examine the relationship from its beginning to its end in the modern era of comic book history. The scope of this project will span eight graphic novels and five years of storytelling. To properly evaluate the relationship of "The Trinity" this thesis will look at research on friendship, interpersonal relationships, and management styles, all through the lens of a thorough character study on each hero. In the end, "The Trinity" will grow from uneasy allies to friends to family. They will solidify their relationship through fighting for their lives, making mistakes together, and ultimately saying goodbye to each other. This thesis will find their relationship is unique amongst comic book characters and should be considered the archetype for all the superhero teams that would come after their creation. Moving forward, to build upon this research one should take the analysis approach followed in this thesis and apply it to either the "Rebirth" version of the Justice League or the 2017 Justice League film which also will feature a version of "The Trinity"