The Prism

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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Andrew Levy

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Michael Dahlie


"The Prism" is a magical-girl-themed fantasy light novel series about four best friends who finally graduated junior high school. Miya, Teresa, Liana, and Destiny are anxious to start their new high school lives (for better or worse) in their rough, monotone, and corrupt urban town of Quaint Village. Their plans are interrupted, however, by the opening of a brand new private school. Then, for the first time ever, all four girls end up in the same program. They're ready to make great memories together and spend much more time with each other.

Unbeknownst to them, their new school is nothing like the academically inclined programs they always had. They are no longer students carrying books, homework, and planners, scribbling and speed reading. They become soldiers, traveling subconsciously to another world. Their duty is to help Vita Mundi's Vice Sovereign and her family protect their people from criminals and life-sentence-serving convicts called Umbrans. In only a month, this tight posse goes from being a quartet of normal students in Quaint Village, to lady soldiers fighting and risking themselves for a parallel world. They will train under the mentorship of the Vice Sovereign and her family, steadily growing stronger in body, mind, heart, and spirit as they face harder and more powerful enemies.

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