Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Music (MM)



First Advisor

Frank Felice


Great Lakes Leviathan is a work for Piano and Large Chamber Orchestra that takes its main source of inspiration from cryptozoological reports of sea creatures; particularly those found within the midwestern region of the United States. This work develops over the course of four movements.

In the opening movement and in the thalassic finale, entitled The Rising Deep and Great Lakes Leviathan respectively, the listener will experience sound worlds imitating tumultuous waters, majesty, chaos, and an encounter with the aforementioned Leviathan itself. The second movement, The Fossil Finder, explores themes of excavation, research, and course charting. The third movement, Eventide, reflects upon narratives of exploration, maiden voyage, expanding horizons, and evening twilight.

LukeP.GarrigusMay12023440PM_37015674_GreatLakesLeviathanL.Garrigus.pdf (1838 kB)
Great Lakes Leviathan Concerto for Piano and Orchestra