Iris, the Rainbow


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This digital story responds to the following prompt: "The Iliad is jam-packed with the names and snippet stories of characters we meet only briefly before the action moves on. They may be treated like 'red shirts' who are fodder for the rage of main character warriors on the battlefield or window dressing for scenes in the Greek camp or the city of Troy. One of the many things that makes the story sung by Homer compelling is the promise and hints held in the small stories. Who were the people behind these names? What were their stories? In this project, you get a chance to create these stories and round out the Homeric epic! Your digital story will tell a story from the life of one of these barely named or unnamed characters from the Iliad. Although you will be thinking and writing about the character's entire life story, your digital story will tell only part of that entire story. Remember, they will be less than 5 minutes long each (3-5 minutes total). You will be telling a narrative, historical story that also reflects on your character's life and experiences during the mythical era of the Trojan War."


Fall 2020

Name of Professor

Lynne Kvapil


Iliad, Homer, Iris, Greek mythology, digital storytelling