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Written on spec for - and by request from - film director Christopher Coppola - for his eccentric new SciFi Horror Gangster epic, G-MEN FROM HELL (starring Gary Busey, William Forsythe, Barry Newman, Bobcat Goldthwait, Paul Rodriguez, and Robert Goulet (as The Devil !!) - this sample ' on spec' music was in response to his request for a 2:30 "Main Title" that needed to sound like a "nasty, dirty, sleazy, sweaty, fat urban jungle" side of Henry Mancini - i.e. bad 1960's black & white TV cop show music. The score was eventually rejected, the composer (me) was fired, and the director went with an atmospheric 'new-agey' acoustic guitar score. Arghhh, Hollywood. Sleazy, growling tenor and bari saxes, small brass section, piano and percussion - everything is notated: it's not a chart, it's a score (with very little improv). Someday I'd like to take it out / extend it for a few additional minutes ...


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