In his Cross Cultural Perspectives in Medical Ethics: Readings, Robert Veatch observes, "The religions of Judaism and Christianity and the secular thought of the political philosophy of liberalism in the Anglo-American West are not the only alternatives to a Hippocratic medical ethic." In fact, the new pluralistic approach to world cultures is introducing us to several religious and philosophical alternatives from outside the Anglo-American West. Just as alternative medicine is becoming recognized and respected, and is being incorporated into mainstream medicine, there is a growing admission that the ethical problems we face today have dimensions that are not adequately addressed by the standard responses to Judaism, Christianity, and secular philosophies. From among these new Eastern perspectives, Hindu bioethics stands out. Its strength lies in the fact that it is integrated in an indigenous system of medicine, and is more alive today than at any time in its 2000 year history. It addresses the preventative and promotive aspects of medicine; mind-body connections; connections between the microcosmos and macrocosmos; and relies solely on nature.

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