Sometimes it takes a while for the word to get out, or for it to get in. It has been said that, in India in 1948 as the British were leaving, there were villages that had not yet heard that they had arrived. Similarly, there may be villages in Tibet that have not yet heard that the Dalai Lama fled Tibet in 1959. Deep in Siberia in the mid 1930's, there were communities of Old Believers who did not know of the October Revolution in 1917. Googooling the words, "Index of Prohibited Books," resulted in more than a million references. A perusal of the first seven entries revealed that none took any note that the Roman Catholic Index of Prohibited Books had been terminated in 1966, forty years before 2006. Similarly, the same perusal does not reveal the reasons why the Catholic Church abandoned what to many outside the Church had seemed one of its negative defining features, nor the reasons why the Church has become one of the world's greatest defenders of a freedom of religion that precludes the prohibiting, censoring, and banning of books.

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