Recently I completed two books in the field of Hindu-Christian studies. The first is The Truth, the Way, the Life: Christian Commentary on the Three Holy Mantras of the Srivaisnava Hindus. This project, for Catherine Cornille's new series of Christian commentaries on the sacred texts of non-Christian traditions, is heavily indebted to Vedanta Desika's 14th century reading of the Tiru Mantra, Dvaya mantra, and Carama Sloka. The second book is Beyond Compare: St. Frances de Sales and Sri Vedanta Desika on Loving Surrender to God, an intensive doulbe reading of Desika's Essence of the Three Holy Mysteries (Srimadrahasyatrayasara) along with de Sales' Treatise on the Love of God (Traité de l'Amour de Dieu). Both projects manifest my predilection for close reading, attention to commentary, and goal of writing from and after close reading, rather than simply in answer to questions formulated before the reading began.

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