Re-reading Alkondavilli Govindacarya The Divine Wisdom of the Dravida Saints Madras: C.N. Press, 1902, XXIII + 216 pages.

A preliminary note: This is not a 'book review' as this is usually understood; it would make little sense to write on after over a century of the first publication of the work. It is an invitation to re-discover a reputable Hindu scholar who was eager to find in Christianity parallels to his own faith-tradition. His very choice of topics is intriguing. The range of Christian literature referred to and quoted from is amazing; I believe it is without parallel. The fact that the book was reprinted a century later and is still highly regarded by contemporary Srivaisnavas says something, too. This brief report is meant to encourage Christian scholars interested in Hindu-Christian dialogue to look into the work in order to see what spiritually-minded Hindus find attractive about Christianity.

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