Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences

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I am pleased to present Volume 19 (2016) of the Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences. Our latest issue offers a sizable number of papers sharing results in research, pedagogy, and shorter research notes, including remarks from last year’s keynote speaker, Professor Kosali Simon. Taken as a whole, this volume explores a rich and diverse array of topics and issues from across a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. Topics include health, gender, healthcare professionals, and healthcare policy; African American and American Indian families; family, work, and leisure pursuits such as scrapbooking; a 1945 bingo riot in Evansville; social demographic trends in Northwest Indiana over recent decades; Internet advocacy approaches for welfare policy; interracial cooperation in 19th-century emigration movements; domestic violence; and traditional markets in Mexico. This issue truly represents an outstanding collection sure to be of interest to all social scientists!